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Not tried yet, but Adrian on chat line very helpull
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us U2359890 U. using ~24 Hours Free Trial on December 4, 2018

Quick and relevant answer. I am very satisfied. Thank you so much.
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ca Daniel -. using Ultimate VPN on December 3, 2018

Just amazing.
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tr Utku -. using Ultimate VPN on December 1, 2018

After 4 years of Vpn testing, I finally found the right one. Being an IT guy i like to tinker. and Ibvpn does not disappoint. I hit 133 mbs per second, the highest i ever found in any VPN. I was with ExpressVPN {over rated, slow speeds} Then i was with NordVpn, {very few options for the tinker} Then Cyberghost 6 before it was sold and became a 3rd party info give away. {garbage} Then Pia, {good but usa based} then Mulvad {don't waste your money} Then TorGuard {very good, but usa based} I highly recommend Ibvpn. after 4 years of trials and tribulation, I found what i was looking for. and at $10 per month, you can't go wrong. webcat62 over and out.
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ca Webcat -. using ~24 Hours Free Trial on November 30, 2018

John provided great chat customer service. Prompt and knowledgeable.
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ca Kemir Baker -. using Ultimate VPN on November 26, 2018

Apart from an initial delay in answering my request, due to some internal work, everthing else was of the highest quality as per usual. Many thanks to the whole team.
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us U1930448 U. using Ultimate VPN on November 26, 2018

Online Chat with Boti today was excellent. This is why I stay with ibVPN, support is excellent
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gb Josh J. using Ultimate VPN on November 25, 2018

Super fast service, case solved in first contact
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fi Svante K. using Ultimate VPN on November 23, 2018

Very efficient and smooth, easy contact, helpful...not any slightest critic to mention !
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nl Seb B. using Ultimate VPN on November 23, 2018

Great fast support super!!
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nl Jones V. using Ultimate VPN on November 21, 2018

Great support, thanks Barni
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mt Colin C. using Ultimate VPN on December 3, 2018

this is the best vpn and I am satisfied with service deppertment thanks for evrything sash perth australia
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us U2232787 U. using Ultimate VPN on December 2, 2018

Thanks for your customer service support.
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tr Erhan -. using Ultimate VPN on December 1, 2018

Just want to mention how helpful Barni was today. It makes a huge difference. Thank you. Jane Mc
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gb Jane McNeil -. using ~Standard VPN on November 27, 2018

awesome customer service. super fast to respond to any issues. love the software, easy to use
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us Eric F. using Ultimate VPN on November 26, 2018

Your support team member John was great with helping me in choosing the appropriate settings in order to be able to connect to a server in Switzerland
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us Zlatan -. using ~Standard VPN on November 26, 2018

Very quick, fixed fast... As a suggestion, it would be great if there was a traffic-light on your website to indicate if the system is running or not
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sy Mazen K. using Ultimate VPN on November 25, 2018

No VPN service is foolproof but this is one of the best. The support and loyalty to a long standing customer like myself are rare. Sometimes there are issues, these are addressed and, in time, solved. Recommended.
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es David W. using UK+IE VPN on November 23, 2018

Really enjoy the service you have been providing. Keep up the good work!
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ca Paul W. using US+CA VPN on November 22, 2018

Very helpful and full of answers =-)
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us U1827695 U. using Ultimate VPN on November 21, 2018

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