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Fire in the hole! DreamHost is forced to provide information on anti-Trump website

DreamHost is DreamHost is forced to provide information on anti-Trump website

Curiosity killed the cat…

Don’t know about you but, for several times in our lives, we were put in the middle of something, just because of our curiosity, or we ended up being part of a story with unhappy end, without our consent.

As most of you probably know, is a website used to coordinate protests on 20 January, the day of Trump’s inauguration.


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Apple has decided to remove VPN Apps from China App Store

Apple has decided to remove VPN Apps from China App Store

This past weekend, forced us to take an unwanted cold shower, as soon as Apple decided to remove VPN Apps from China App Store… Bad news never had good timing.

The news is unfortunately true and the measure was applied to all VPN providers out there. Also, this unexpectable decision is currently affecting all the users from China.

IbVPN’s old customers are a little bit more fortunate than the ones thinking about subscribing to one of our plans, as they can still use the apps.


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The slope of online privacy is now slippery in Australia

online privacy

The walls have ears… and the Australian Government has your metadata retained for at least two years.

What is done is done, but Australian internet users, just like US citizens, can’t remain unconcerned about their online privacy and security…

Few days ago, most precisely on 13 April 2017, the data retention implementation period has ended, which means that each and every ISP and telecommunications service providers that use infrastructure in Australia to operate any of their services, is expected to be fully compliant with this law’s obligations.

What is metadata and what kind of information will be absorbed by the Australian Government’s Black Hole?

Information such as e-mail subjects, addresses, phone numbers, location tracked using your phone or any kind of information regarding the source or the destination of your communication will be now known by the Australian Government.

The current data retention regime is highly invasive of the privacy of Australian citizens. All along, this government has failed to establish it is necessary or proportionate.,” said Digital Rights Watch Chair Tim Singleton Norton.

Don’t gamble on your online privacy and security, so act now!

The right of any kind of privacy and security is indispensable to any modern conception of freedom. That’s why you should start using a VPN service if you’re an Australian citizen or if you’ll be visiting Australia in the future.

And because a VPN is more than indicated in case of protecting your online privacy in days like these, April 13 was named ” National ‘Get A VPN’ Day!

You can read more about this matter here.

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US Senate voted to kill internet privacy protections

What resolution regarding internet privacy rules has US Senate Voted?

Nowadays, the technological era is growing exponentially. This being known, is very important to take into consideration the fact that we need to be very careful and improve our internet privacy & security while surfing the internet.

Few days ago, the US Senate approved a resolution that undo everything you knew before about privacy policy rules. In other words, they permitted ISPs and telecoms to sell all the information regarding your internet history.

ISP now stands for “invading subscriber privacy,” Democratic senator says.

This new rule, hasn’t got into effect yet, but they already require ISPs to inform customers what information is being collected and how or where it might be used or shared.

At the moment, it’s not very sure when the House of Representatives will take the bill, but if The Republican-controlled House vote for this resolution, it will “end up” on President Trump’s table for a signature.

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10 Tips to Boost the Speed and Performance of a VPN

10 Tips to Boost the Speed and Performance of a VPN

A Short Introduction About a Topic We Love: Speed

Here at ibVPN we have the need for speed in our DNA.

Starting with our Manager who recently purchased a sport car with a… real professional pedigree, going further with the Customer Support Manager who’s preparing himself for the fastest marathon, we are all addicted to speed.

Amit Kalantri is right: „In modern time slowness is new sickness”. Especially when it comes to digital world, speed is a need. As online protection is a seriously need, too.

And comming back to our field, the biggest challenge when using a VPN service is speed and reliability of the connection. And here at ibVPN we work tirelessly towards a single mission: helping our clients take control of their online privacy and freedom with a FAST and STABLE service.

Let’s find out more.


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