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VPN app for Android? Here’s why you should get one!

The Best VPN App for Android

These days is not enough to protect your online privacy and security only while you browse from a PC or a laptop. With all the threats lurking at the Internet’s corners, you should start browsing securely even from your smartphone or any other mobile device.

A good tool that helps you browse freely and securely is the VPN.


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VPN protocols – Beginners’ guide

VPN Protocols

Each day, more people start to use VPN technology. Studies show that the majority of internet users subscribe to a VPN to enhance their level of security and anonymity.

Have you ever wondered how does a VPN encrypt your traffic? Besides the fact that it facilitates the communication between your device and the Internet, a VPN protocol encrypts the data you transmit over the internet.


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WebRTC Leak Protection – How To Avoid IP Leaks

WebRTC Leak Protection

The Internet plays an important role in our lives. As is a shortcut to almost every solution we need, the Internet is the first place where we search for an answer or other helpful pieces of information.

Also, our lives are on fast-forward nowadays, that’s why the way we interact with each other changed. The meetings with friends moved on Skype. Instead of going out to catch up with our bff, we contact them on Facebook and dating is so easy since Tinder exists.


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What is a VPN client for Windows and how to use one?

VPN client for Windows

The VPN technology is becoming more and more popular among internet users. From person to person, the purpose of using a VPN is different. A VPN is a good solution to help you have the job done, no matter if you want to protect your privacy, access geo-blocked content or work remotely.

So, even if the purpose is different, the way people use a VPN is the same. In this article we will talk about the benefits a VPN client software brings. As the most common operating system nowadays is Windows, we will talk about the VPN client for Windows and how to use one. If you’re anxious to learn more and skip the intro part, here is everything you need to know about the VPN client for Windows.


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