Our Android TV app has been released

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

Once upon a time, in an enchanted land, there was a beautiful princess living in the highest tower of her father’s castle. The story is telling us that she couldn’t leave her room because a monster, embodying a huge bug, was watching at her door and no soldier was brave enough to defeat the mighty bug. Until one day… when a charming price visited her father’s land and heard about the beauty of the princess and her damned faith. He decided to save the princess so he fought the bug and released her…

Nowadays, the history is repeating. The same prince charming aka our Android developer killed all the bugs from our old Android TV app so we can release it from our offices directly to Play Store.

A happy ending comes after a story with lots of ups and downs.

After you’ve been waiting for months, while we were working day and night, we can finally say that our Android TV app is ready to use.

Its interface is really friendly and the app itself connects within seconds.

ibVPN's Android TV app

Just like our Android mobile app, this one, will blow your mind with features like Rotating Favourites, Fastest Server, or Fastest Favourites.

You don’t have to believe us by simply reading this text… you can download our Android TV app and see it for yourself! ?

Contribute now to our story!

We care about your privacy and we will continue to work hard, in order to keep you safe and to meet all your needs.

We are kindly asking you to download our app and give it a try. As we are really curious folks, we need to know your opinion so, feel free to send us your feedback by simply writing a comment below or by sending it on UserVoice.

Safe browsing, folks! ❤